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March 04, 2010 (12:18 PM)
Relient K "The First Three Gears (2000-2003)" In Stores April 20

Relient K fans are about to get more than their money’s worth when Relient K "The First Three Gears (2000-2003)" releases on April 20th at retail stores and digital retailers worldwide.

With a whopping 51 songs, including five rare bonus tracks, the compilation is a three-disc set of the first three Relient K albums, RELIENT K, THE ANATOMY OF THE TONGUE IN CHEEK (RIAA ceritfied gold), and TWO LEFTS DON’T MAKE A RIGHT BUT THREE DO (RIAA ceritfied gold), and includes hits like “My Girlfriend,” “Sadie Hawkins Dance,” “Chap Stick, Chapped Lips and Things Like Chemisty” and more. On top of all that, the iTunes® version includes three music videos ("My Girlfriend," "Pressing On", "Chap Stick, Chapped Lips and Things Like Chemistry").

An exclusive pre-order that also includes a Relient K license plate, glow in the dark key chain, and car shaped air freshner is available now.

Disc 1: Relient K
1. Hello McFly
2. My Girlfriend
3. Wake Up Call
4. Benediction
5. When You're Around
6. Softer To Me
7. Charles In Charge
8. Staples
9. Anchorage
10. 17 Magazine
11. Balloon Ride
12. Everything Will Be
13. Nancy Drew
14. K Car
Bonus Tracks
15. Breakdown (Live)
16. Softer To Me (Acoustic)

Disc2: The Anatomy of Tongue In Cheek (Gold Edition)
1. Kick-Off
2. Pressing On
3. Sadie Hawkins Dance
4. Down In Flames
5. Maybe It's Maybeline
6. Breakdown
7. Those Words Are Not Enough
8. For The Moments I Feel Faint
9. Lion Wilson
10. I'm Lion-O
11. What Have You Been Doing Lately?
12. May The Horse Be With You
13. My Way Or The Highway
14. Breakfast At Tempani's
15. The Rest Is Up To You
16. Failure To Excommunicate
17. Less Is More
Bonus Tracks
18. Operation
19. Jefferson Airplane (Demo)
20. Pressing On (Back Porch Acoustic)

Disc 3: Two Lefts Don't Make A Right...But Three Do (Gold Edition)
1. Chap Stick, Chapped Lips and Things Like Chemistry
2. Mood Rings
3. Falling Out
4. Forward Motion
5. In Love With The 80's
6. College Kids
7. Trademark
8. Hoopes I Did It Again
9. Over Thinking
10. I Am Understood
11. Getting Into You
12. Kids On The Street
13. Gibberish
14. From End To End
15. Jefferson Aero Plane

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