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August 11, 2009 (07:50 AM)
House of Heroes Announce Fall Tour

House of Heroes and The SuperBigTime American Travelin' Concert Tour.

It's a co-headlining tour with yours truly and some of our very best dirty southern friends, THE WEDDING!!! Also, we're going to be bringing along with us brand new Gotee Records recording artists, ABANDON KANSAS!!! The tour is going to run from Sept. 10- Oct. 11 and will cover the midwest, east coast and dirty south (even Texas!). The dates that we have confirmed so far are as follows:

9/12 - Jonesboro, AR @ Arkansas St. University Equine Center (HOH only)
9/13 - Claremore, OK @ King of Clubs
9/14 - Kansas City, MO @ Main St. Cafe
9/15 - St. Louis, MO @ Cicero's (16+)
9/17 - Ames, IA @ The Maintenance Shop
9/18 - Bismark, ND @ Light Club
9/19 - Minneapolis, MN @ Club 3 Degrees
9/23 - Franklin, IN @ The Gear
9/25 - Orion, MI @ The District
9/28 - East Ridge (Chattanooga), TN @ Warehouse Venue
9/29 - Greenville, SC @ The Channel
10/1 - Jacksonville, FL @ Murray Hill Theatre
10/10 - Plano, TX @ The Door

Don't worry, there are more dates to come! These are just the ones that are confirmed as of right now.

Now, all of this being said, we need to ask for your help. We want this tour to fit it's namesake and litterally be SUPERBIGTIME. But we don't have the luxury of a multi-million dollar marketing budget coming from some massive record label. We don't have the luxury of having our songs being played millions of times over and over sandwiched between Daughtry and Taylor Swift until you want to vomit on the radio, and we certainly don't have the luxury of Walt Disney pushing us into the realm of uber-stardom (thank GOD!). What we do have however are some of the greatest fans anyone could possibly ask for! Fans that believe in what we do and love every single note we play, not just the "hit singles". And that is all we need really. So we're going to ask you, the fans, to help us promote the crap out of this tour and bring it into the SUPERBIGTIME realm! We've set up an email address ( where you can communicate with us directly. We need your help promoting these shows in any way that you can. Whether it be posting digital flyers or banners on your Myspace page, or inviting friends to the show on Facebook. We'll even send you posters either through email or through the for real mail so you can pass them out at your college or high school or church or wherever it is that you do that sort of thing. Just get ahold of us on Myspace or at and let us know that you want to help promote the shows!

OK, I've taken up enough of your time today. Keep an eye out for more dates! They'll be rolling in fast and furious (hey, remember Paul Walker and Vin Diesel?! ...No? Ok, nevermind)! We've got some other really exciting touring news in the works as well, so stay tuned for all of that!

As always, we LOVE you dearly, and we can't wait to see you this fall!

-House of Heroes for more info!

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