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Finding Favour
United by a distinct sense of purpose and bonded by passionate creative spirit, the members of Finding Favour have discovered music and friendship can be powerful tools for change. ďWe definitely love to share the message that God is walking with us,Ē says lead singer Blake NeeSmith. ďWeíre going to go through hard times. Bad things are going to happen. But God has a moving plan for us and we just have to know that we have to strive to move forward that His plan will unfold. We want to connect with people in a way that people would say, ĎAll right, Iím not alone. God is with me.í Thatís what we want to do. Thatís what our message is.Ē

On the heels of the bandís acclaimed debut self-titled EP, the momentum continues with their first full-length album titled Reborn. Itís a collection of potent anthems and insightful ballads that leave an imprint on the listener like a soul tattoo, colorfully enhancing the view of Godís mercy and grace.

Hometown: Vidalia, GA
Band Members: Blake NeeSmith - Vocals, Guitar
Allen Dukes - Guitar, Vocals
Dustin Daniels - Bass, Vocals
Josh Duckworth - Drums
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