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Abandon Kansas
Through the fire of sleepless nights, uncertain futures, and countless miles on the road, Abandon Kansas emerges battle-hardened and tested with the highly celebrated Ad Astra Per Aspera. This, their first official retail release, is a right of passage for a band that has demonstrated over the past half-decade that they are more than prepared to lay claim to their own territory among the industry elites.

This-the consummation of their vision to be more than just a band, more than just empty words or singles-is the opus that most bands only fantasize about. This is their time, their most crucial hour, as frontman Jeremy Spring explains: “Ad Astra Per Aspera is Latin meaning ‘to the stars through difficulty.’ The title is the Kansas state motto, and the concept for our new record. Nearly all of the songs refer to heaven, the sky, flight, the stars, and the challenges along the journey.. For every band there is that one record that outdoes all of the rest, and that record will always be your favorite. I have no idea what the future holds, but for me, this is going to be that record for us. Something has happened here, something bigger than four guys making noise with instruments and singing into microphones.”

This record is independent rock n’ roll that stirs the imagination and conjures deep optimism. The sound is ethereal, yet tangible. Spring’s voice harkens imagery of brisk fall evenings staring at distant stars, dreaming of hopeful futures, even amidst chaos. And the reverberation of Brad Foster’s echoing guitars will etch themselves into your memory as they gently carry you to the outer reaches of the atmosphere. Balanced by bassist Chet Keuffer and drummer Brian Scheideman the record paints in subtle strokes, communicating with deep feelings, rather than stringent riffs or unsettling beats. There is a unity to the instrumentation that can only come from a seasoned unit of men who understand that, in order to be great, the sum of the parts must equal a greater whole. Teaming up with producer Mark Lee Townsend to create a sound all their own, Ad Astra Per Aspera defies comparison, yet sounds all too familiar, as a memorable release should.

Hometown: Wichita, KS
Band Members: Jeremy Spring: Vocals, Guitar, Keys
Brian Scheideman: Drums
Chet Kueffer - Bass
Brad Foster - Guitar
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